Wednesday, August 7, 2013

1st Fridays Artfest - Vendor Application

The Tacony Civic Association would love to have you as a vendor at our 1st Fridays Artfest!

Below is an application with all the details.
Please let us know what dates you will be coming.
We do ask that you send NO money, as there are no rain dates.
Money will be collected after everyone is set up and rolling.
Looking forward to seeing you!

Mary Benussi
215 338 2575 

Tacony Civic Association
1st Friday’s Artfest

A 6-month outdoor event bringing the skills of local artists/craftsmen to our community
Artfest will be held on the first Friday of each month beginning May and ending in October.Location of the event is along the closed block of 6800 Torresdale Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa 19135.Start time of each event is: 5pm and ends 8pm.Vendor setup time is 4pm.
Join other vendors from areas near and far in this exciting opportunity to introduce the artistry and skills of a vast array of trades to Tacony.
A donation of $10.00 per vendor is requested per participating month.If you are interested in becoming a vendor at this event, please complete the contact information below and return to Tacony Civic Association along with your donation.
Contact Information

Vendor Name: _________________________
Vendor Address:  __________________________________________________
Vendor Telephone #  _________________________
Vendor email/website information:  _________________________
Please check each month you wish to participate.
| ___May | ___June | ___July | ___August | ___September | ___October |
___ I have enclosed a check in the amount of $ _______.
___I wish to be on Tacony Civic Association’s Vendor mailing list
If you require additional information regarding this event, please contact Mary Benussi at (215)338-2575

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