Friday, November 8, 2013

Methadone Clinic Legal Fund Beef and Beer Fund Raiser

From the Holmesburg Civic Association:

This email is a plea for your support.  As citizens, we cannot have a methadone clinic open at Frankford and Decatur. After nearly 3 years of embattlement, a legal fee fund raiser is required to continue the fight.

PLEASE!!  Print 10 or 20 of the attached flyers.  Give them to your neighbors.  Put them in your window.  Put them in your employee’s mailboxes.  Forward this email to 50 friends and relations.
ALL of Northeast, and ALL of Philadelphia must stand together to prevent such an occurrence.
Support your neighbors.  Support your community.  Support Holmesburg and Mayfair.
Come out on the 22nd.  Meet your neighbors.  Buy a ticket.  Buy a raffle.
STOP! “The Healing Way”  From darkening the doorstep of our lives.

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